We design and develop new neighborhood-scale institutions to finance, manage and maintain great public places for the long term. 


Successful public places require not only thoughtful physical design but also smart institutional design.  Institutional design involves building neighborhood-scale stewardship organizations capable of managing public space for the long-term.  This means ensuring public space that is clean, safe and inviting for everyone, especially for children and the elderly.

Without proper management, an urban public space can suffer from neglect, vandalism, and misuse.  In order to prevent a public plaza, park or playground from becoming a detriment to its surrounding neighborhood, an enduring local stewardship entity must exist to fund and manage ongoing care of the space. 

We bring together local stakeholders to create neighborhood-scale stewardship institutions that maintain and enhance shared public spaces.  Our formula for designing these is based on the following core principles.  Successful stewardship institutions must be:


Working from these core principles, we customize our institutional design to fit each neighborhood's needs and context.

One of our most innovative and successful mechanisms for facilitating long-term neighborhood-scale public realm funding and stewardship is a Green Benefit District (GBD). We are also developing creative applications of Community Facilities Districts (CFD), also known as Mello-Roos Districts - stay tuned for more!