Jared Press is a Program Director focused on Place Lab's "Create" Program. Jared oversees Place Lab's work creating new public open spaces - plazas, parks, playgrounds and streetscapes - by implementing creative public private partnerships with developers, communities and public agencies. 

Jared earned his masters degree in city planning at MIT, where he focused on urban design and development, land use planning and neighborhood revitalization.  Jared draws on a multi-disciplinary professional background in real estate development, sustainability consulting, and Smart Growth advocacy, with experience in public, private, and nonprofit sector organizations. With the ability to think both analytically and creatively, Jared approaches his work with an appreciation for history and context balanced with a commitment to envision and weigh alternative futures.  He is passionate about strengthening and empowering communities to become more livable, equitable, and sustainable through innovative urban design and planning strategies.