We partner with neighborhoods, cities, developers and foundations to fund and create great public places. 


Successful urban public places improve quality of life by bringing people to nature and to one another. In addition to generating ecological and public health benefits, plazas, parks and playgrounds generate significant social benefit, strengthening community cohesiveness and resilience. However, many neighborhoods lack both adequate quantity and quality of shared public space, and cities are often too resource-strapped to quickly and effectively create these needed amenities. This needs to change.

At Place Lab we work with the market to channel private development investment right back into the neighborhood in which the development is located, to create new public amenities.  We supplement with grants, donations, and other forms of support, and in this way we create public places faster, better, and fairer. 

We employ a variety of creative public-private partnership models to achieve these ends, including:  

1. In-Kind Agreements

2. Public Stewardship Agreements

3. Tactical Community Facility Districts 

4. Infrastructure Finance Districts

5. Value Capture Zoning

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